Idea for Welcome Party – Suggestions/Ideas required

The C.R. Umer Ashiq and some other students have suggested an idea of arranging a welcome party for the new batch of Bachelors and Masters. The party would be arranged by the students of MIT and MCS.


If you are willing to attend the party and celebrate your own welcome in Superior University then, this will be your best opportunity. You will not be able to enjoy the welcome party but, you also get the chance to know your class/program fellows in a better way.

The Party would be held within the premises of University possibly in the Cafe’ where the different aspects would be decided later.

It seems that the Superior University won’t be giving us an official welcome partt so, we should arrange our own party 😉

It is requested by Umar Ashiq to share your thoughts in this matter in the class or here in the comments below.

Please also vote for your opinion in the polls below which will help us understand the decision of majority before deciding anything further.

Note: No personal information is required to vote. Your vote will remain anonymous.

Combined or separate for Bachelors and Masters programs?

Another question we are wondering about is whether the Party (if decided to be held) will be a combined one for the students of Bachelors and Masters and/or we will only hold it between the students of Masters programs.

Please vote for your opinion below.

If you decide to hold the party for the Masters Program separately then, will you be comfortable with the students of MBA/M.Com etc or you want the party to be only for students of MIT and MCS?

Please do share your thoughts and ideas with us which will be very helpful for us in organizing this event.

Any kind of suggestion/feedback/idea is welcomed by us 🙂 We will be discussing this in the class on Tuesday. Ofcourse, Monday is off due to the event by Univeristy, read more here.


– Umar Ashiq (C.R.)


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